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A Letter so that you can My 16 Year Old Self About Personal Finance

Here’s my letter to my 16 year old self:

Dear 16 Year old me,

In typically the coming years, you will see a number of changes in typically the financial environment. I can’t share with people anything that would alter all of the course of history, but I can make you a few advice on securing a future.

College Debt

Your education would be the most vital factor in a future success. Even so, college debt can be your biggest burden on a young adult. Don’t forget to be diligent inside your studies in addition to do not waste the opportunities in college. Utilizing all about the scholarship opportunities which will are dependent for maintaining grades, you has to be certain for you to are going so that you can maintain your GPA to successfully keep those scholarships. Also, make sure to choose a college that is within a person’s budget so that you don’t start a person’s adult life in massive debt. In cases where your grades prevent anyone from continuing any education, it may possibly prevent you because of completing it.

Reliable Transportation

Do not buy an extravagant vehicle. Find some well maintained pre-owned vehicle in addition to keep it efficiently maintained. Be sure to weigh maintenance costs when purchasing a automobile. What may seem like an outstanding deal may end up turning sour if you should have to keep pouring money into some sort of car just to keep it on the road. Along with weigh the cost involved with maintaining your current car having the cost involved with trading in for 1 that is actually more reliable. You may intend that fancy car now, however , a young person needs to focus on the future. Once who is secured, then a person can consider a real reliable and economic new automobile.

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Yours truly,
Ones own 36 year old self

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