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Millennials Living at Home: Pros plus Cons

Millennials Living at Home – Pros in addition to Cons: After graduating from college, my employment opportunities reached any dead end. I spent my final semester in school applying for every job throughout my field that I was able towards find. The search for your job spanned the entire nation. I applied for over 100 different positions.

Of course, all of the of the applications and resumes on the mail didn’t result with anything. None of all of the businesses that I applied for contacted me for a interview. Additionally, only a few companies bothered to help tell me that I was not likely accepted for the position. Looking back, with least those few companies had this decency to let me know.

And of course, who in their right mind would have hired your college graduate with no real world experience?

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Millennials Living at Home: My Experience

Moving Back Home

Like countless millennials who were graduating from college and additionally saddled with debt, I had in order to move back home. Social scientists refer to our generation mainly because the “boomerang generation” because of how we moved back home after once leaving it.

Although I soon noticed a full instance job in my field, the item didn’t pay much. Simply because a result, I continued to live at home. With fact, I stayed there for four years after graduating college.

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Because this approach was my parent’s house, I had to follow just about all of their rules plus orders. This even included what type regarding food that they wanted that will eat for dinner.

On top for this, whenever I wanted to go out and stay out late, these products wanted me to tell it everything.

I appreciated all which often my parents did for me, but I didn’t want to live at home mainly because an adult. I wanted independence.

What Living Found at Home Taught Me

At this point, at the same time living at home, I pledged that will do whatever it took that will leave home in addition to be financially independent.

First, I began that will seek out better employment. Then, I started to make sure you save more money. Within a few fast years, I managed to pay down the vast majority of of my debt. And additionally with my money saved, I was able to successfully move out and find any place of my own.

A few years later, I educated myself with important financial matters. As a result, I have no debt, a amazing credit score, I have a emergency savings fund and I am saving for retirement.

In Conclusion

Looking back, I’m grateful which I lived at home. The particular entire experience has motivated to make the extra effort of myself and also be financially free. I use persons memories as inspiration so that you can work hard and for you to save money for a superior future.

What is your personal thought about millennials living during home?

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