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3 Money Making Tricks I Learned During the First Semester of College

I started college and soon realized it wasn’t all fun and games. I learned quickly that I’d have to learn how to money in college to avoid being broke.

Once I got settled in and really took a look around, I realized it’s totally not the life I was told it would be.

It seemed like nothing was going my way. Exams were stressful and I was far away from my family.

Well, it turned out the biggest problem most college students have is that they could use more money in their life. This was probably my biggest challenge since I hadn’t learned until much later that there is such a thing as free colleges.

And who can blame us?

In a society where literally everything runs on money, you can’t expect to find a way to get around without it.

How To Make Money in College

Apart from part-time jobs and office work, I learned how you can put your skills to good use. Technical skills are always needed. Whether you can learn how to become a good graphic designer or a photographer, you can pursue your interests and have a source of income as you work your way to bigger things.

Here are some ideas to help you learn how to make money in college:

1. Freelancing pays

Freelancing is one of the best modern discoveries to have helped the society in a more futuristic manner.

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3. Find better ways to save

Saving money in college? You might think this is crazy, but saving can actually matter a lot. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you save up money and store it in a bank.

Sure, you should do that. But, save your friends and yourself from troubles that are financially exhausting. Students are more prone to getting involved in major expenditures than most people.

From getting your things lost to getting sick. Save up by eating healthy, not getting sick or involved in worse situations, having a software to help in tracking cell phone location in case you get robbed or you lose something. Try and make sure you cover all your bases!

Making money in college is possible

You can earn your way through college without having to quit it or compromise it. You might have to work a bit harder than you previously thought. But if anyone can make it, it’s you.

Good luck making money in college. If you learned unique ways on how to make extra cash in college, share it in the comments below!

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