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The Best Career Advice for Millennials in the Workplace

Here are some crucial 5 tips for Millennials in the workplace that are looking to get ahead and take control of their career goals.

Truly impactful career advice that you both implement and pass along to others is rare.?For many of us, work life is filled with business speak and inspirational memes that we share both virtually and face to face, but are forgotten with the next trend.

I can’t remember the number of workshops based on a trendy business book that I’ve participated in as part of my “professional development”. Admittedly, I’ve been fortunate to have worked for companies with big budgets to spend on the latest management fad. Plus, getting a break from the usual work routine to learn something new wasn’t a bad thing.

However, none of these books and workshops ever had a significant impact on my salary. It was the act of getting into the company in the first place that accelerated my income. So if you’ve been strolling the business management aisle at the bookstore thinking that staying “current” is going lead to a bigger salary, I want to pass along some simple advice that I was once given that did increase my earnings.


1. Merchandise Your Skills To Match The Job Function

Figure out what your skills are and then market them to companies in high profit margin industries. If this was already obvious to you then feel free to hit the back button on your browser, because when I was in my 20’s it wasn’t and someone had to point it out to me.

The first part of this advice is to understand and identify what your function might be in a company. You have experiences, skills, and education that a company defines as an accountant, engineer, IT professional, marketer, sales person, meeting planner, etc.

Obviously, some of these roles require specific technical training or certification, and if you are one of these people then the first part of this advice is easier to complete.

If you studied chemical engineering then it is probably easier for you to define your skill set than someone who majored in English. However, the person who focused their education on language should not feel like they don’t have a skill set that fits into a job function at a corporation. They absolutely have experiences, skills, and education that companies want to hire, but it sometimes takes more effort to learn how to identify and merchandise them to prospective employers.

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When possible, I wrote these examples in a manner that demonstrated measurable results. A friend of mine that had experience in publishing helped me refine my multi-page curriculum vitae down to a one-page resume with the right keywords. If you don’t have a friend in the publishing industry like I did, check out this?professional resume service?for more help.

Most importantly, I applied for every job available and took the time to research each of the companies and their products. By immersing myself in job descriptions, company websites, industry online forums, and networking conversations, I became more confident at presenting myself in an interview as someone who belonged in the industry. I was following another piece of simple advice, fake it until you make it.

5. Most Career Paths Are Not Linear

There are three main factors in achieving financial independence; earn, save, and invest.

Embracing frugality and consistently putting money into a retirement account are things that most people can start doing immediately. Increasing the amount of money you earn usually takes some deliberate planning to achieve. I’m not recommending you start job hopping, at least not without purpose.

Career paths are almost never vertical like a ladder; it’s better to think of it is a jungle gym. Sometimes you climb up a cargo net, then swing across the monkey bars, go down a slide, and then navigate a climbing wall. When you look backwards you can tell people a story about how you intentionally went about building skills, gaining experiences, and positioning yourself to increase your value. Hopefully part of that story is how you navigated your way into an industry or company that had the means to pay you more. I hope you found this career advice for Millennials useful.

Still, Don’t Have a Perfect Resume?

Okay, so what makes an amazing resume? How can you stand out to employers? Firstly, it’s a great idea to find out if your employer uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is a type of software that scans your resume for keywords before passing it onto an actual human being. If you need an ATS resume, you’ll need to change up the format. Luckily, you can use many free resume builders that include ATS responsive templates for you that can help! You can click here for more information.

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