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How to Write Your First Resume

The US saw in?increase of 164,000 new jobs?in April alone and the unemployment rate amongst graduates has?remained stable at approximately 4%?for a few years – yet there is no reason to relax. Statistics only show that there are positions being made available and filled.

What they don’t tell you is how many of those graduates are landing the job of their dreams. Whether you decide to?use an exceptional resume writing site?or to go it alone, you need to know what good looks like. While there is work out there, it is vital that your resume makes you stand out in the right way. It is vital that you get the right start to set you up for life.


Style and format

Resumes have no set format and this can lead to candidates interpreting this as a license to do whatever they feel on paper. While there are some niche positions where a visual bombardment will stand out in the right way, these are few and far between. With resumes, conformity is key. Human Resource departments will only spend a few seconds looking at your application before moving onto the next. If they don’t see what they want they will simply pick up the next one after giving your file a cursory look.

When creating a resume, keep in mind that there are a?wide range of templates available online?to choose from. These are recognized formats that resume-reader software and HR departments are familiar with. They also have the advantage of guiding you through the construction of your application. These are good, but you may also wish to consider?using a professional service to help you?create your resume. If you decide to just go it alone then keep it as simple as possible. Pick a readable and professional-looking font such as Times New Roman or Arial and use it throughout. Keep the formatting simple and do not overuse bold, italics or underlining. Sometimes it will look better to get emphasis by increasing from 12 point to 14 for a title or name rather than underlining it. Never go beyond two pages– keep it short and to the point.

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If you are faced with writing your first resume now and lack this experience, it isn’t too late. Speak to your former teachers and your parents – often they will remember your past much better than you did. Get stuck in and volunteer now, ask to shadow people and do the research. You may be late to the party but it is important to show you are still prepared to go the extra mile. Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Keep it focused.


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