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8 Networking Lessons to Help Accelerate Your Career

Networking?should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and give back, not as a task to be dreaded. Read on to learn about eight networking lessons that you can apply in your life today.

Millennials reached a milestone in 2019 when they surpassed Generation X as the largest component of the US workforce.?A Pew Research Center analysis showed that one out of three?employed Americans belong to the generation of 20- to 36-year-olds.

Despite this and their reputation as the social media generation, however, millennials have a tougher time maintaining their connections. A recent?LinkedIn survey showed that being unable to reconnect?or simply not knowing what to say are the top reasons millennials are unsuccessful in their networking pursuits.

Networking doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially to the generation whose aptitude for social connections puts them at an advantage. Here are eight networking lessons that millennials can apply in their networking to help advance their career.


1. Come prepared

Being mentally hyped up is good but nothing beats actual preparedness in a networking event. If you can get your hands on a list of participants, you can narrow down the parties that you want to network with. Try to find companies or people who are in your field of interest and use your internet prowess to learn a little bit about their background (in a non-creepy way) so you can find your point of entry.

2. Carpe diem

There are countless opportunities for networking anytime, anywhere and you don’t even have to wear a tie. Attend an alumni party; meet people in a friend’s gallery opening; arrange a casual meet-up in a cafe.?Forbes reported that some moms even use their kid’s playdates?as a chance to network with other parents. Go out there and seize the day, because anything can pass off as networking.

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6. Follow up online

If there’s one thing that most millennials are good at, it’s the internet. There are several online professional platforms like LinkedIn which?Menlo Coaching recommends using to your advantage?because they can be very efficient. Maintain professionalism in the way you interact with your contacts online and only friend them in more casual websites if you’ve established a more comfortable relationship.

7. Find a mentor

A mentor can be someone you know or someone you sought out professionally. Find someone who’s had experience in the same field so they can be trusted as your go-to for career advice.

8. Keep track

Finally, keeping track of your contacts is of utmost importance. It can be as simple as a notebook to a more detailed spreadsheet, and it’s advisable to attach photos so you don’t get confused with their names. Staying on top of your growing network enables you to maintain the strength your professional relationships more effectively.

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