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Career 101: Soar High in your Career with Digital Tips from Google

As the saying goes, it is indeed never too late to start a new venture or go after your calling. That is why, even in the fast-paced age of technology where it is unusual for the older generation to keep up with the changing times, so many people look to switch jobs and change their career tracks in search of greener vistas. Coupled with the daring heart that is needed to take the leap of faith for a career switch, you need a proper roadmap to aid you along the way. The roadmap is going to be the blueprint for which you take your career towards the objective that you have in mind.


Google’s Digital Garage

Assisting you through the cloud and other online platforms, the leaders of innovation, Google, have brought about a series of online courses and tips that you can use to take your career a few steps further. Staying abreast of all the latest digital developments through the online platforms brought to you by Google, you can now learn to make great use of technology to aid your career.

They call it the Digital Garage, and much like a real one, it is stored with the tools that you need to develop your professional skills and increase your employability in a competitive-as-ever career landscape. You can walk in and sign up for online courses on a wide variety of skills from coding to drafting a professional email. Cruising through the online courses that are built and designed to track and evaluate your progress along the way, you can hone your professional skills to perfection to stay on top of your game when looking to switch careers or just adorning your set of skills.

Perks of going digital with Google

The online courses offered by Google are absolutely free and the Digital Workshops cover a wide range of subjects from programming to basic writing skills and beyond. You will get to have certifications from global leaders in the specific industries as well as the association of a brand name as big as Google. It is the same brand name that makes all the courses credible to employers worldwide. Here are the perks that come with signing up for the online courses offered at the Digital Garage by Google (besides making you a pro at your game with progress reports and lessons customised to fit your needs, that is).

1Learn online etiquette

Studies reveal that more than 78% of the employers worldwide look up their prospective employees online before making the final call about their hiring. Sign up for those social media etiquette classes online through the Google Digital Garage and brush up your social media profile. Be careful of your public posts for your future employers are sure to dig up on your Timeline history. Maintain a visible yet formal presence online and learn more about the best ways to enhance your social media accounts for the best use of professional future from the online courses offered by Digital Garage by Google.

2Master a killer professional email

One of the best things about taking up the online courses is that you will get to draft a professional email like a pro. One of the most elusive skills for over 85% of the industry professionals, mastering the art of writing a winning professional email is something that you can learn through Digital Garage. Tackling the professional email woes is thus made easy with the resources that Google has brought to you, and using the online resources, you can now write killer emails for any professional need with the proper grammar, tone, punctuation, and formatting in place.

3Network like a boss

Establish professional networks on the cloud through professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn. The social media courses at Digital Garage teach you to shine through in your domain through your LinkedIn profile that is sure to make the prospective employers notice your profile at the very outset. Know how to network efficiently through the online platforms that increase your reach and bring about a world of professional opportunities right at your doorstep via your email inbox.

4Take your CV up a few notches

Upgrade your CV to a whole new level with the best tricks that you get to learn through the online courses through Google. For the industry professionals looking to stay on top of their game in their careers, this is an excellent opportunity presented by Google. You can learn how to compose a winning CV for all your prospective employers, and master the tricks of formatting and making it look fitted to the latest technology and industry updates. Enlisting the online courses that you take up through Digital Garage will also help you enhance the employability scale of your CV and along with the best formatting skills that you pick up, there will be no stopping you if you are determined to leave your mark in your professional realm.

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5Digitise your finances

In the era of digital transactions controlled online for all the large business organisations, it is best that you up your online transaction game to the fullest extent. Set up your own digital finances system if you wish to switch to a self-employed routine for your profession. Or else, you can learn about managing transactions online through the Digital Garage by Google for staying updated with the latest technology and being the perfect go-to person at work deft at handling online transactions, managing the finances online, keeping a digital ledger and accounts, and making reservations for all the company needs.

As the times change, so does the newer ways of learning. Brushing up on your professional skills have taken on a digital plane nowadays in this fast-paced digitised era, and why not jump the bandwagon to make full use of the resources at hand? Get cracking on the online courses on offer at the Digital garage and take your career to newer heights through the able assistance and support of Google’s online platforms. If you wanted to learn more you can check out this Google Digital Garage review.

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