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How to Make a Perfect Resume (Step

So you’ve graduated from college and have acquired a degree, but while most of your peers have already started their “9 to 5” journey, you are somehow falling behind.

But wait!

Before you slip into panic-induced self-doubt, let’s be clear here.

Well, it’s not you, it’s your resume.

Yes, you read that right, it’s probably the way you’ve prepared your resume which is undermining your worthiness and failing to impress the employers.

Wondering what you can do about it?

Well, for starters, you need to get creative (and possibly competitive) to make your resume striking out of a pile of hundred other resumes.

But to make sure your resume gets noticed, you need to follow certain best practices. So without further delay let’s dive in discuss what those practices are:


1. Consistency

When you’re preparing your resume, you need to always keep the consistency factor in mind. This means that the formatting, the colours, the font, everything should be added with a sense of uniformity.

If you submit a resume that’s disorganized, you will obviously come across as sloppy, unmotivated, and confused. Think about the kind of job you’ll be applying for, and include a legible and coherent font, simple spacing or follow a template for a creative touch.

If you really want the employers to notice (which you obviously would!), you can even create a completely new template, but always ensure that your resume appears consistent throughout.

2. Present a cover letter and mention your key skills

Now a common practice among most of the jobseekers is that if a job application urges them to provide a resume, people will send in their resume. What most people don’t consider is presenting a cover letter along with the resume.

So that your cue, if you want that dream job of yours, you need to make that extra effort and attach a cover letter with the resume, and you will definitely be able to win over the recruiters. Your cover letter will be supplementary to your resume and will briefly explain the skills you’ve acquired in your academic journey. You will see that the efforts you made while writing the cover letter will surely pay off.

Now speaking of your skills, you need to pay special attention to the section where you list out your key skills. While focusing on this part of the resume, you need to emphasize on the skills that the employers are specifically looking for in a candidate.

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7. Use relevant industry-specific keywords

Now here’s a fact, with so many applicants vying for the same job you wish to land, recruiters are hardly going to get the time to read your whole resume. Especially in case, if it’s a multinational organization where every day hundreds of applications are submitted for a single post. Many of these organizations actually adopt a filtering method to evaluate your resume and look for several keywords that are crucial to your particular industry.

8. Get creative with the resume

If you treat your resume like a business report, then it’s highly likely that the recruiters won’t spare a second look at it. The prevalent notion about a resume is that it’s there to let the employers know what your accomplishments are, a document that chronicles your professional background.

But in reality, that’s not true. You need to remember that the resume is prepared so that you can sell your abilities and skills. You can consider it to be like an advertisement that’s exclusively presented to sell your skills. So you might as well put your creativity to use, and ensure that your resume doesn’t turn out to be too mechanical and dull.

9. Thoroughly proofread your resume before sending it

Before proceed to send out your resume, spare a few minutes to read the document precisely. You need to be certain that there are no mistakes in the papers. There shouldn’t be any traces of typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes. You should also pay attention whether the formatting is properly maintained or not.

When you present a resume laced with errors and inconsistencies, it’ll never fetch the desired results, no matter how skilled you are as an individual. Remember that this apparently simple (and often insignificant) step is one criterion by which you’ll be assessed. So to prepare a remarkable resume, carefully cross-check for errors before sending it out.

With these handy tricks, you will get one-step closer to landing your dream job.

Still, Don’t Have a Perfect Resume?

Okay, so what makes an amazing resume? How can you stand out to employers? Firstly, it’s a great idea to find out if your employer uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is a type of software that scans your resume for keywords before passing it onto an actual human being. If you need an ATS resume, you’ll need to change up the format. Luckily, you can use many free resume builders that include ATS responsive templates for you that can help! You can click here for more information.

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