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How Millennials Use This Bitcoin Alternative Safely With Confidence

Cryptocurrency has been dominating headlines in recent months, with every rise and fall in prices accompanied by seemingly thousands of articles proclaiming it to be a financial revolution or nothing more than a short-lived fad.

In reality, cryptocurrency has been gaining traction for years, especially as more Millennials are drawn to the appealing concept of decentralized, digital currency.

Of course, with the growth in cryptocurrency usage has also come increased scrutiny over just how secure these transactions actually are. After all, when half a billion dollars are stolen from a single crypto exchange, there is reason to be concerned about the security of Bitcoin and other platforms.

These fears aren’t as dominant for Millennials who are already in the know regarding some of the Bitcoin alternatives already on the market. With the help of platforms like Boolberry, transactions that are truly safe and private are possible. Here’s a closer look at how it’s done.

Privacy Matters

While Bitcoin may seem like a private platform to the casual observer, anyone who has spent much time in the crypto market knows this isn’t entirely true. Bitcoin transactions are actually recorded in a public ledger, leaving every sale or purchase made on the platform completely visible to outside observers – including governments and advertising agencies.

Despite the stereotypes that we share everything about our lives on social media, we Millennials actually care deeply about maintaining our privacy online. A study by the Pew Research Group found that “Young adults generally are more focused than their elders when it comes to online privacy-They are more likely to have limited the amount of personal information available about them online, changed privacy settings, deleted unwanted comments on social media, removed their name from photos in which they were tagged, and taken steps to mask their identities while online.”

It’s only natural that we don’t want everything we do broadcasted to the world – and this applies just as much to cryptocurrency transactions as it does with other parts of our lives. After all, you don’t hand out your grocery store receipts to random people on the street. Shouldn’t your crypto transactions be even more private?

This is a big reason why platforms like Boolberry have been gaining traction among Millennials. Boolberry uses a wide range of tools to fully privatize crypto transactions.

For example, their system uses unlinkable outputs and Ring Signatures to prevent the type of analysis that would allow outside users to view your transactions. Further anonymity is provided with the ability to create vanity address aliases.

Safety First

As previously mentioned, concerns over the security of cryptocurrency transactions has been a major sticking point that has kept many from investing. Many of these worries stem directly from privacy issues associated with Bitcoin and other platforms.

Like it or not, many of the transactions that have been conducted using Bitcoin have been done to buy some rather shady stuff. The Bitcoins in your wallet today may have previously been held by someone who used their funds for illegal activities.

If your coins are identified as having been part of such a transaction, they could be seized from you even if you have never been involved in anything illegal yourself. With governments around the world attempting to start regulating cryptocurrency, you don’t want a shift in policy to suddenly drain your digital wallet.

With Boolberry, this will never be the case. Your purchase history and net worth aren’t directly tied to your actual identity – the receiver, sender, and even the amount of the transaction is hidden. You don’t have to worry about the way someone used your money in the past coming back to haunt you later, because you are the only one able to view your transaction history.

Boolberry has also taken extensive measures to address the other primary cryptocurrency security concern: hacking. Active support of an integrated hardware wallet solution helps to mitigate the threat of hacking or malware, while their development team continually works at improving the codebase to stop future threats. Crucial updates are delivered via signed developer alerts, ensuring that users receive accurate information that will help them better manage their accounts.

Smarter Transactions

While Bitcoin may have received most of the attention in the cryptocurrency rush, there’s no denying that there are better alternatives out there for Millennials who want to get involved in this exciting new financial frontier.

With Boolberry, cryptocurrency investors have the guarantee of total privacy with features that not only maintain anonymity, but also provide greater security for all transactions performed on the network.

With the help of a straightforward wallet installer, Boolberry makes it easy for users to get started with their investments. Early adopters are already seeing how getting in on a cryptocurrency platform before it goes fully mainstream is yielding big financial results.With a safe and private platform to conduct your blockchain transactions, you can have greater confidence that your efforts to achieve your financial goals won’t go to waste. Combining a smart investment strategy with the right platform is a surefire recipe for success.

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