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Fundrise Review 2019: Is Fundrise Legit or a Scam?



Fundrise allows individuals to invest when it comes to commercial real estate online through a powerful eREIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). Their crowdsourcing model sets them apart because of a traditional REIT allowing the average investor towards participate in deals for mainly because little just as $500.

The interesting thing about Fundrise is normally that doing it lets investors buy into private commercial and residential properties by means of pooling their assets through a good investment platform. Since the eREIT is without a doubt sold directly to investors trimming out middle-men, they could certainly have fees lower as compared to 90% of all of the competition. Here are some quick facts about Fundrise:

  • Diverse portfolio about private real estate deals
  • Minimum investment of $500 to help you $1,000
  • Management and advisory fees add up so that you can about 1%
  • If you’re interested, I recommend you sign up for more information by Fundrise by clicking here.

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Fundrise Fees & Features


Don’t you actually wish there was someone who could assist people in generating right kind with investments? Well, the particular real estate companies like Fundrise exist to serve which often purpose only. Interestingly, Fundrise is one of persons online real estate companies that let average investors help to make quality investments into private commercial and residential properties.

As you will realize, most in the online real estate platforms serve only that accredited investors. It means they are only available to successfully people who have a net worth of more when compared to $1 million, excluding the value with the houses, and/or to help the people who possess the annual income of $200,000 as individuals ($300,000 for a couple). However, almost all the current products and services at Fundrise seem to be available that will non-accredited investors as effectively.

Now talking about any products, the real estate investment trusts, or possibly REITs, are the actual main products of this unique real estate company. A REIT commonly invests in real estate assets which produce a significant magnitude of income, either through typically the purchase and management involving buildings or by way of holding mortgages.

Interestingly, REITs at Fundrise do possibly not trade on a public exchange and additionally are highly illiquid. The software means there is without a doubt no assurance of buyers for the investors who are willing to sell their shares. Fundrise generally offers a redemption program, but even that will comes with several limitation.

Since Fundrise is an excellent online service provider, it focuses in the online nature of a REITs (eREITs). However, this is possibly not the only supplement they offer. There is eFunds as perfectly. They allow all of the investors to use their pooled money towards purchase land, build housing estates and then sell this to buyers in addition to likewise.

There are risks involved using investing in non-traded REITs. In spite of this, the benefits really are also quite rewarding. Interestingly, this average annual return for the Fundrise investments with the year 2019 was 11.44% (net in fees), as per any company.

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Real Estate Investments with Fundrise

As mentioned earlier, Fundrise generally deals utilizing two kinds of portfolios within the domain involving real estate investments.


An eREIT or electronic Real Estate Investment Trust is without a doubt a professionally managed portfolio involved with commercial real estate assets, like hotels, apartments, shopping malls, office buildings etc. Quite similar to be able to exchange-traded fund or mutual fund, this unique investment portfolio allows you so that you can diversify across various real estate properties with minimum effort on a cost-effective amount.

The eREIT at Fundrise is normally not really different from typically the conventional REITs. Generally, an investor purchases share from an eREIT, together with that individual eREIT invests that money within the commercial real estate. Over the actual period, the eREIT generates money thru property appreciation, interest on real estate debt, rent payments – most of of in which are distributed later among any shareholders.

Currently, Fundrise is offering many different eREIT investment options, and the two of these has something unique to offer:

Income eREIT

The income eREIT primarily aims in order to offer consistent cash distributions to your investors. In fact, doing it focuses on making debt investments in commercial real estate assets that will have the particular potential to generate constant cash flow. Your current annualized dividend for this form with investment is about 10.5 percent, net of fees.

Growth eREIT

The Growth eREIT within Fundrise aims to acquire commercial real estate assets who can draw appreciation. This specific investment portfolio focuses on paying moderate dividends even on a quarterly basis while ensuring your higher return is paid out in the investor’s end as a result involving appreciation.

This offers long-term growth in the actual price per eREIT share. Currently, this annualized dividend for this form in investment is approximately 8 percent, net involved with fees.

West Coast, Heartland, and East Coast eREITs

As one can guess, each one of these kind of eREITs is centered on specific geographical locations. These kinds of investment options offer a perfect balance between income and also growth, making all of them the perfect choice for typically the investors.

West Coast

This investment option targets the commercial real estate assets situated during the metro areas like San Francisco (CA), Los Angeles (CA), San Diego (CA), Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), etc.


This location-based investment option marks the commercial real estate assets throughout the metro areas like Houston (TX), Dallas (TX), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL) in addition to Denver (CO).

East Coast

This option targets the metro areas with the East Coast, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and additionally Georgia, as most certainly as Washington (DC), and even Philadelphia (PA).

Each of all these eREITs has the annual dividend of around 8.5 percent currently.


eFund can be a diversified, professionally managed investment portfolio from residential real estate assets, like townhomes, single-family detached homes, condominiums, etc. Just like the eREIT offerings, one can also choose eFunds so that you can invest in various groups of residential real estate assets.

At Fundrise, you secure three different choices for your eFund option. Each involving these eFund choices differs by just geographical locations. All a few of those options – Los Angeles eFund, Washington (DC) eFund and your National eFund aim to acquire residential properties for a development of For-Sale Housing.

The primary objective connected with these eFund options is to target debt and also equity investments in homes, condominiums in addition to townhomes in every one of a lot of these geographical locations. Fundrise aims to build and additionally sell the residential housing properties which may help out generate revenues for the eFund shareholders.

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Underwriting and Evaluation about Real Estate Properties

Fundrise has adopted an interesting strategy of evaluating real estate properties which will allow them that will cherry-pick the potentially valuable properties. They can follow the strategy connected with “value investing” which lets him or her purchase real estate assets with lesser acquisition cost in addition to comparatively higher replacement cost or intrinsic value.

In that aforementioned approach, that main objective is to acquire a real estate property from an attractive cost and then improve its value by way of renovation, strategic positioning and partnerships. After adding value in order to the existing property, Fundrise generates revenue with the special property through interest payments, profits right from a potential sale and then rental income.

While choosing a property for investment, Fundrise checks four crucial areas to help make the final call:

  • Economic Analysis: Like the name gives away, this really a thorough economic study that will includes return sensitivity checks and several alternative stress tests to confirm the viability involving the certain project.
  • Loan Sponsor Analysis: In that analysis, the loan applicant needs to be able to pass a credit and background check. It’s carried out in order to end up getting a decent idea with regards to the person, his/her prior loans, track record plus experience.
  • Property Analysis: In order to evaluate all the property, Fundrise conducts a review involved with the project budget in addition to its schedule, cost basis and appraisal as well as the estimated property performance.
  • Market Analysis: This properties that really are shortlisted for acquisition by Fundrise go with a supply-and-demand analysis, comparison in the regional properties, and on-site reviews.

It is usually because of that strict evaluation process that Fundrise is probably the successful real estate companies found in the sell. Interestingly, Fundrise reviews more than 2500 prospective real estate deals every year. Nonetheless, only 1 percent of individuals deals are approved for investments.

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Fundrise eDirect Real Estate Platform

The basic idea involved with creating the eDirect platform was in order to serve as some sort of fully automated investment solution that allows the particular users to evaluate and then invest in private-market real estate assets. The idea also provides significant support along with accounting and reporting because of the online dashboard.

Once everyone try investing through Fundrise, your own portfolio will be compared against a new variety of eREITs and also eFunds to see which in turn strategy is going in order to suit your profile. Fundrise has 3 different strategies to offer. The two of all of these strategies varies depending on the underlying real estate holdings.

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Supplemental Income

This particular income portfolio will be ideal for the investors which are searching for a strong additional option for passive income. This supplemental income involves some sort of huge allocation to eREITs that produce significant incomes. Its performance is primarily driven as a result of annual dividends.


Balance Investing

This form of the balanced portfolio is meant for a investors who want to maximize diversification. Interestingly, the software also offers an equal allocation across all forms of eREIT and even eFund investments. In fact, its performance is definitely driven by your combination of dividends as well as appreciation.


Long-term Growth

If an investor wants to maximize his/her total return over time, this particular investment portfolio is the perfect match for him or her. This option involves a fabulous larger allocation to growth eREIT and then a smaller allocation to be able to income eREIT. Quite similar to make sure you the balance investing option, its performance is without a doubt also driven by appreciation along with dividends.

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Reviewing Your Fundrise Investments

The Fundrise platform has a fabulous great user experience to help you offer, regardless of which unfortunately portfolio you choose. Mainly because you log on to your current Fundrise account, you will find your current investment dashboard, where anyone can learn concerning your account balance seeing that well as the detailed overview involved with the real estate holdings you actually have.

Fundrise explains a risks involving each of the investments somewhat explicitly with colorful graph as well as letter ratings. In fact, this platform also uses a grading system, ranging out of A to E, which allows the investors to compare and also evaluate various assets across their particular portfolio. That rating system at Fundrise is actually supposed to be objective as well as driven by facts and also data about investments.

The dashboard also allows people to get a more suitable idea about each individual investment as the application offers professionally designed invest summary for each option. Mainly because you navigate throughout the page, a person can even view typically the exact location of this property apart from the detailed investment summary. The overall platform is designed so that you can provide a users with a fabulous rich experience.

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Fundrise Liquidity

Since Fundrise banks on investor capital to produce most involved with the deals, this usually prefers to collaborate with long-term investors, in no way the individuals who look for frequent trades. This particular explains why the private-market procedure of the particular company is fairly illiquid.

Here, the five-year liquidity schedule works in this following manner:


Fundrise allows their investors in order to liquidate their shares on a quarterly basis. Nonetheless, the redemption value depends for the holding period as mentioned above. So if you ever are thinking about to sell a person’s Fundrise shares before this completion of that 5-year holding period, you should end up ready to experience a real small amount of burning during typically the redemption.

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Fundrise Taxation

As a powerful investor, you usually are supposed to receive income through an eREIT and/or eFund, depending in your Fundrise portfolio. Interestingly, both such forms of income are actually tax inefficient.

  • eREITs: As typically the law, dictates, (e)REITs must distribute more than 90 percent for all earnings to successfully the shareholders. All of the dividend payments from Fundrise are usually, however, taxed simply because ordinary income. Also, the dividend payments are reported on tax form 1099-DIV every year.
  • eFunds: Since all of the underlined tax structure is a partnership, the income from eFunds is taxed when ordinary income. In fact, just about any income that you receive is certainly going to be reported concerning tax form K-1.

Fundrise allows you so that you can open a taxable brokerage account really easily. However, this income will be taxed like any sort of other ordinary income in the year this is received. People can easily reinvest every dividends to buy additional shares associated with each investment because of Fundrise Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP). Then again, the taxation remains unchanged. Whether you will take that dividend as cash and also reinvestment, it will be always taxed for the period of the year doing it is received.

Funrise also allows its investors to help open an individual retirement account (IRA) by way of Millennium Trust Company that protects all dividends from taxation. Any IRA charges an annual fee connected with $75 per Fundrise investment held in a account.

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Fundrise Fees

Fundrise charges only 1 percent of all of the assets under their management on a yearly basis. The fact that 1 percent is broken down around to two parts:

  • Investment Advisory: This approach segment covers automated distributions, investor relations, automatic asset rebalancing, composite tax reporting – basically, everything that falls under a digital platform. The fee amounts 0.15% per year.
  • Asset Management: This specific particular segment oversees your real estate properties in any portfolio and covers your ongoing operations like accounting, financing, construction, marketing of pretty much all properties, sales, zoning and significantly more. The fee for asset management amounts 0.85% per year.

One with the good things around Fundrise offerings is this there’s no transaction fee or sales commission applied towards them. Each and every and every reported dividend as well as return is net with fees.

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Fundrise Performance

Since its inception, Fundrise has made more as compared to 100 real estate investment deals which accumulate the particular net worth of $1.2 billion (approximately). Interestingly, most of these investments have also provided all the investors with any return of $20 million, which is certainly undoubtedly an impressive figure.

As mentioned previously, Fundrise invests throughout private-market real estate offerings. And very contrary to the actual publicly traded REITs, Fundrise demonstrates an way that is certainly quite similar in order to a private equity fund. It originates, underwrites, negotiates and finally closes concerning debt and equity investments.

Fundrise, since it appears, expect their private-market dealings that will generate a continuing return premium. This particular practice certainly puts them strategy ahead of their publicly traded alternatives.

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Pros and Cons of Investing when it comes to Fundrise

Like any various other service out there within the sector, even the Fundrise products as well as services also have any mixture of benefits not to mention disadvantages. What makes Fundrise stand out in typically the crowd is its array connected with features that offers that users a seamless together with rewarding experience.


As mentioned earlier, like every other service providers relating to the internet, Fundrise also has its own share of pros plus cons. While a couple of the cons may possibly be worrisome, the majority of its pros seem extremely impressive.

Even though it might be a new company, doing it has already made its name in the actual market along with unique features and services. So that is up in order to the investors how they are really going to utilize the platform to find potential real estate properties together with multiply their capital through smart investment plans.

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